The follow post is by blog contributor Judy Bourret

Today I was blessed by the sound of wings.

God’s love shows itself in unexpected ways, some small and gentle, some bright and shining.  Today I stood in my yard.  Chickadees and nuthatches flew back and forth from trees to my birdfeeder.  They had no fear of me what-so-ever, and flew right by my head as I stood quietly watching and reverently listening, knowing that the sound of small wings thrumming through the air is a blessing to my ears and my heart, straight from the Lord.

Photo credit: Richard Hurd

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” James 1:17 (KJV)

Another day I was weighed down by frustration and technology.  Really!  I could not get my Christmas music from my computer onto my iPhone, and I wanted to listen to my Christmas music.  An update was required, as well as a transfer of material, and the whole business left me stymied and sad.  Then, along came my own Amazing Grace, and she kindly mouse-clicked in the necessary spots, transferred the material, started the update, and put me on the happy road to hearing Celine Dion sing “O Holy Night” while I chopped turkey in the kitchen.  What a blessing Grace’s kind patience was to me that day, and I know that God was showing me His love through the love of my daughter.

Oftentimes God’s love bursts onto my heart when I see the sky.  It could be the intense blueness of the sky – what an awesome Creator we have Who came up with the many gorgeous variations of sky blue!  Or, it could be the way the sun shines, stripety-like, straight down through the clouds:  glowing shards of God’s love aimed straight for us.

Rayne, my two-year-old granddaughter, likes to sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”.  When she sings these songs, in her little off-key voice, I am full of the knowledge that God loves me.  He has blessed my life with this little Raynebow, and her heart is open to loving Him.

At church one Sunday I was blessed by the hilarity of my Christian family.  Some of us were practicing the Christmas play.  One teenager, who is usually quiet, cracked us up by playing all the roles in her scene, because she was the only person who was there.  Other people were funny, too, and laughing through what would otherwise have been a boring, repetitive practice was a gift of joy from above.

One time I saw this giant dog obviously enjoying his ride in a convertible with his family.  I laughed out loud, and gave thanks to God for that happy sight.

Daytona in convertible


Another time I saw this lady, standing at an easel with her paints, on a sidewalk in Lowell.  She was putting her vision and talent into creating a lovely painting in a city neighborhood, and right then and there I knew that God loves me.  He planned for me that joyful sight, and the smile it brought to my heart.

city painting


I saw this sign while driving on a main road, and knew kindred spirits owned that store – a hug from God delivered by impersonal words that went straight to my very personal heart.Grateful sign

I could tell you more, but the point is that God daily gives me blessings:  gifts!

These gifts are personal, and special:  uniquely for me, from the One who knows me best.  So, while a gorgeous blue sky is a gift for every sighted person who chooses to notice it, if the gorgeous blue sky is my gift for the day it will somehow strike my heart in a special, nay, spectacular way.  I will feel the intensity of the blue, or absorb the sudden sharp contrast of white clouds moving across bright blue, or see a bird delineated yet free as it slices through that amazing blue sky.  Something about it will be from God, intended to specially bless ME.  And yes, I’m happy to announce that He can and will easily do the same exact thing for everyone who seeks Him, for everyone who seeks His friendship, and His blessings.  He will bless each individual heart, based on the way He created each individual heart.

Recently, I was driving along and listening to Christmas music in the car. The song was “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”  Suddenly I felt God’s next gift hit me, strongly in the gut, like a punch!  It was a sudden awareness that to me, this song is real.  It’s true.  It’s history.  It actually happened!  Mary and Joseph were real people, there was a real baby born in a stable, who was God’s own Son.  The shepherds were real men, in fields during the night, and they really saw an amazing star, followed by angels in the sky.  Imagine!  It really happened.  Those men, in their shepherd clothing with their tired feet and ordinary lives, were suddenly set on fire in their hearts, choosing to follow the star to that humble stable, telling others what the angels had told them:  all very real.  I believe this with my heart, my mind, my soul.  I know it to be true, but so many people hear Christmas songs as just nice music, happy songs, fairy tales.  God’s gift to me is true, soul-searing faith, and his gift on this particular day was an acute awareness of what a powerful gift that is, what a vast divide there is between those who have received His gift and those who have not.

God loves to give this gift, the gift of faith in His son, Jesus.  He wants His children to have it.  When you understand the Truth of His gift, confess to Him, “Yes, Lord.  I do believe that Jesus is REAL.  The Christmas story is true and its sequel, the Easter story, is also true.  The very real baby Jesus grew up, lived as told in the Bible, and one sad, glorious day, was crucified for my sins.  Three sad, glorious days later, He rose, victor over death, and is in heaven at Your right hand forevermore.  I want Jesus to be my Lord, Savior, and Friend, to be with me forevermore, too.”  Think on it, pray on it, and, if your heart is touched by His love, make it real for you.

On Christmas Eve shepherds heard angels, telling them to spread the glad news:  Jesus Christ is born!  Today I heard the sound of wings.  To God be the glory for both.  If today you hear His voice, harden not your heart.