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Do You Take This Verse #2

About eighteen months ago I introduced a new series called “Do You Take This Verse?”. It was to be a regular blog feature, but life and other writing endeavors intervened. Well finally, I am able to return to it and share the second post in the series. Lord willing, the next one won’t take another eighteen months!

The name of the series is a play on words that brings together what has been traditionally asked during a marriage ceremony (“Do you take this woman/man?”) with the idea of living out Bible verses in our marriages.

My hope for this series is to lift up God’s word and see it applied in our lives to the fullest. That includes in our marriages. While there are some verses in the Bible that we would be quick to apply to marriage, there are many more that could be applied that we may not immediately put into that category. It’s fruitful to consider those relevant verses and examine how well we live them in our roles as wives. It is a God honoring exercise that can have a profound impact on our sanctification and relationships.

The first verse in this series was 1 Corinthians 10:31. It seemed like a very appropriate place to start. If you’d like to read that post, you can find it here. Today we are going to look at Philippians 2:3.

“Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves;” (Philippians 2:3)

Before we look at how this verse could be lived out in marriage, let’s take a look at it in context. That, as always, is primary. […]

Despise All Obstructions to Knowing God

Think on this for a minute. What if you could see God in all His glory and truth? How awesome would that be? If something blocked your view of any part of Him, would you not despise the obstruction and want it removed?

Is this in you right now, today? Do you hunger to see and know God more? Are you driven to fully align your understanding with His truth? (Psalm 25:5) I hope so. I pray it’s in you, for it suits the soul that has been made new in Christ. […]

Teaching Your Children To Be Apologists

My introduction to apologetics began when I was new in my walk as a Christian over twenty-eight years ago. Since that time, there have been countless conversations between my husband and me examining various teachings and belief systems that contradict our biblical faith. These conversations went hand in hand with studies we conducted because of challenges to our faith, the desire to minister to others, and the desire to be better informed. Our children could not have possibly avoided overhearing many of these conversations any more than my husband could have avoided hearing that “old country” music that his father played in their home while he was growing up. While I guessed that some of our biblical arguments would be assimilated by our children, I was not content to leave it to that. We worked to equip them intentionally. […]